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  • Low monthly fees
  • Live technical support available 24/7
  • Helpful documentation on every page of the system
  • Easy to use banking feature
  • Contributor lists for mailings and contact management
  • Up to date forms
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Multiple login types for additional security
  • Helpful error messages to catch mistakes
  • More Features...
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Welcome to DirectFile!

The Nation's First Online Political Accounting
and Disclosure Service

DirectFile has developed sophisticated state of the art political accounting software to assist campaigns, political action committees, major donors, and independent expenditure committees in meeting the legal requirements of today's electronic world. Whether you are a professional treasurer, consultant, corporate controller, or volunteer, the DirectFile system will make your work simple, easy, worry free, and maybe even fun!

See what DirectFile can do for you...

With a DirectFile account, preparing and filing your next political disclosure report can be easier than you think. To see how DirectFile works just take a look at this slideshow and see how much we can ease the burden of your reporting requirements.

We Can Help

Set up is simple!

You will begin by entering your basic committee information. This information will be retained as long as your account is active to save you time from re-entering the data each time you prepare a report. Since you will have full control over the administrative options in your account you can add, edit, or remove users.

Simple Set Up

Data entry is a breeze!

Our system has been designed to make the process of entering your transactions as easy as possible. We've made everything very simple with easy to understand labels and instructions. Just in case you need a little extra guidance, every page throughout the system has a help button that will show you field specific details.

Entering Data is Simple

There's something for everyone!

Transaction reports can keep all members of the committee up to date. Each time a transaction occurs and the details are entered into your account, the information is immediately available for various transaction reports. You can also prepare deposit slips, keep records of outstanding bills, and stay up to date with cash on hand.

Keep Everyone Current

Disclosure reports available in minutes!

Reports are available whenever you need them. Simply go into the reporting section, pick the report number you want, enter the date range that you would like to cover, and within seconds you will be available to view, print, and submit electronically if you are so required by your filling officer.

Retrieval is Easy

You'll never be alone!

If you have any questions along the way our 24 hour technical support staff will always be available to help. We know how critical this information can be to a campaign and we want you to have the comfort of knowing that you have the industry's best support staff behind you 100%.

We Are Here For You
DirectFile is the cost effective, intuitive disclosure system that you have been searching for. Our fully functional demo is just a click away.
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Questions, comments, suggestions? We're always just a call or click away. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we're waiting to hear from you!
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Did you know that DirectFile was designed and founded by an active political treasurer who was looking for an easier way to prepare his disclosure reports?
Meet our staff... 
Over the years we've assisted many committee types with their disclosure needs. We've used our expertise and designed our services to best suit the needs of each committee type.
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We're proud to offer the industry's best customer service, but don't just take our word for it... Read what our clients have to say about their experiences using DirectFile!

D  Recent Updates

01/20/2011 - FEC - New Advisory Opinions Available here.

01/18/2011 - CAL-ACCESS system will be down for fine-tuning, maintenance activities from Thursday Jan 19 from 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. Friday Jan 20

01/10/2010 - DirectFile now supports FEC filings for Senate and Congressional candidates.

03/06/2009 - New naming requirements for Candidate Controlled Committees - Candidate Controlled committees are now required to identify the candidate's last name, office sought and year of election in the committee's names. Amended 410's are due March 15, 2009. More Info...

02/25/2009 - The Secretary of State has posted on the Cal-Access website a chart designed to assist online/electronic filers in determining which filings are online/electronic only and which reports must also be filed on paper even though they have been filed online or electronically. Download Chart

12/05/2008 - New Requirements for Listing Principal Officer(s) on Form 410 - The FPPC has posted a fact sheet on its website relative to the disclosure of principal officers on Form 410. More Info...

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