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DirectFile has many cutting edge features and industry leading customer service. DirectFile is the go-to software for Federal , State and Local committees. DirectFile helps Candidate Committees, Ballot Committees, PACs and major donors get there job done fast and efficiently. Give us a call today to sign-up and let DirectFile work for you: (559) 266-3453
Low Monthly Fee

There is no contract to sign and there are no additional costs for usage, technical support, or generating reports. Period.

Easy to Use

DirectFile is the brainchild of a seasoned treasurer who was searching for a better way to file his own disclosure reports.

DirectFile is Accurate

Our analysts constantly monitor changes to reporting laws and regulations so you do not have to.

Why DirectFile

DirectFile disclosure system is cost effective and intuitive

DirectFile has developed sophisticated state of the art political accounting software to assist campaigns, political action committees, major donors, and independent expenditure committees in meeting the legal requirements of today's electronic world. Whether you are a professional treasurer, consultant, corporate controller, or volunteer, the DirectFile system will make your work simple, easy, worry free, and maybe even fun!

Over the years we've assisted many committee types with their disclosure needs. We've used our expertise and designed our services to best suit the needs of each committee type.

  • We do it All

    DirectFile works with the largest Federal, State and local committees.

  • We have you covered

    Whether you're a Candidate Committees, Ballot Committees, PACs or major donors we have you covered.

  • We get the job done

    DirectFile is committed to making your life easier. We stay on top of the latest changes and regulations so you don't have to. Come to DirectFile and take advantage of all that DirectFile has to offer.


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